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Makeovers from Quartethome are the best way of improving your property for a lower cost than you would normally expect.

A perfect solution for a rental property.

An ideal way of enhancing the value of your property ‘For Sale’

A perfect way to change the appearance of a kitchen for an unbeatable cost

Less Mess, Less Time, Less Money




Comprehensive Makeover 

This Makeover was requested as a temporary measure when the client moved into a property with a rather ‘Green’ tatty kitchen.

He intended to replace it all later with a new luxury fitted kitchen but when we finished he knew he would never need to do that.

The total cost for this comprehensive makeover including Real Black granite worktops and Backsplash to cover the old tiles, Bosh appliances including a new built-in dishwasher, oven, Hob and microwave and even a new laminate floor and LED lighting was less than €5000

The best Ingredients, Tasty Makeovers

With thousands of styles available there is absolutely no compromise in Quality or range when it comes to a Q Home Kitchen Makeover

Even our lowest cost option (currently offered for only €1650 for an average sized kitchen of 18 doors/panels) is High Gloss, White Formica Type.

Beautiful, hardwearing and practically impossible to damage.

We NEVER supply or install Vinyl or paper Foil type kitchen doors as they are not suited to the Spanish Climate and Humidity Changes consistent with almost all properties in Southern Spain. We replace many kitchens of this type and some of them are only a few years old.

We have never had a remedial call back on our doors and panels in 10 years


Door sizes make a difference

This kitchen makeover features changes in the door sizes. We change the small doors to large doors where ever possible because this creates a more modern look for a classic design of kitchen

This complete kitchen makeover (including additional sink area of 3m) cost less than €2500 with a new Laminate floor


Size Matters

We order every door, panel, and piece cut per mm to the exact size we need and factory edge for durability.

This means we can Makeover any kitchen installed at any time by any company

we can reconfigure the space and optimise the openings to make a more practical and more modern look

The only reason we wont makeover your kitchen is if in our professional opinion the structure of the kitchen will not last for the forseeable future. 


Aluminum Coloured Formica door

 We changed this kitchen from the ‘Blue Melamine’ and ‘Cherry trims’ to a much more modern Gloss Grey Finish.

We replaced the end panels and plinths and also inserted an aluminium trim as a handle pull recess.

The doors that don’t have access from the recess have push openers

This is a classic to modern simple door and panels change and cost only €1450 including installation

We also changed the work-surface  at the same time and this cost an additional €130 for this higher quality square edged laminate work-surface.



A better way

There is almost always a better way to make your kitchen makeover even better than it was before.

Many developers and even Architects are committed to suppliers and their own ideas so they don’t take full advantage of the space provided. From 30 years of experience, we can make suggestions on how we can improve on not only the look of your kitchen but also how we can get more value from the money you spend. 

The kitchen below gained storage space as well as a new look when we used the wasted space above the wall units.


High Gloss ‘To the Ceiling’

This was a nearly brand new Cherry wood kitchen that didn’t suit the client’s taste. They were also unhappy with the gap above the wall units.

We created additional small cabinets above the existing wall units and then supplied the doors to the ceiling giving 25% more storage space and a much more modern look

Horizontal centrally located handles completed the new look Total cost including the new cabinets above was €1890



Bathroom Makeovers too

It is very common to find at least 1 bathroom in a Spanish home with a bath.

Most people prefer a walk-in shower and so we provide a makeover solution to change a bath to a walk-in shower alongside other changes suck as new sanitaryware, furniture and taps whilst retaining the existing tiles or marble.

Like kitchen makeovers, this reduces the cost to as little as 1/3rd the cost of a new bathroom and a very few compromises.

Another perfect solution for Less Mess, Less Time and Less Money


Bath out, shower In

We removed the bath, replaced it with a composite shower tray, and patched in the missing marble with a marble-type mosaic.

At the same time we replaced the coloured toilet with a new ROCA system and complimented it all with High gloss suspended bathroom cabinet and moulded basin with new tap.

The cost for changing a bath to a shower should be around €2000 

 The total cost for this conversion was less than €3000



Wardrobe Makeovers 

Normally we simply replace fitted wardrobes with new interiors and doors or often only replace the fronts.



Clad with a new face and side


In this case, the customer really liked the interiors and layout and asked us to simply update the fronts and hide the old cream colour.

This was done quickly and efficiently with out even removing the clothes inside



What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

I dealt with Lee and Rikke from Quartet for the first time a few months ago and it certainly won’t be the last! From the start of the project to the end both were so lovely and efficient to deal with

Janette Benhavis


”Pat and I are totally satisfied with the kitchen refurbishment Quartet Home arranged and implemented for us.  The design evolved over several meetings, with positive, practical advice and flexibility shown to us throughout”

Dennis & Pat, Marbella East

“A successful experience”

We would like to say it was a pleasure doing business with you and we would highly recommend your company in the future

Ian & Gina,  Golden Mile

“Again and Again”

Q Home Installed a kitchen for us 10 years ago and since then every year they work for us again

Roy and Sally, Elviria

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