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Prices and Price Guides

We have a very large range of kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and other home Products and Services available. Because of the diversity of our ranges, it is impractical to give prices for everything and as each project is different, any individual prices may only serve to confuse. We have however given a price for most of the projects shown in our 'Portfolio' section (click on 'Portfolio' on the navigation bar above) and this may guide you.

It is worth knowing that with such a huge range of products we are almost always able to copy a style of kitchen you may have seen elsewhere. We will always supply it with the worlds best kitchen hardware system from BLUM. In many cases, despite our kitchens and other products being bespoke made, allowing us to order any size door and panel, we still have a competitive edge and certainly offer the best value for money on the Costa Del Sol. We can't always be the cheapest, but there will defiantly be comprimises with any product that is cheaper.

Kitchens from less than €5000, a double wardrobe sliding system from €800, Bathrooms from €3500

The best way to find out how much it will actually cost to the nearest Euro, is to arrange for a free, no obligation, NO PRESSURE, No Hastle survey and Quotation from us. Click 'Contact' above.