Why Lee and Rikke and Quartet home?

In more than 10 years of operation we have consistently delivered above Client expectation. Most of our past clients have recommended us to thier fridnds and family and most have used us again themselves for further improvements to their existing or a new property. Apart from an active web page which achieves its high status naturally with out any paid advertising revenue, we do not advertise any where, we have not actively advertised for many years. 

We assure satisfaction by always meeting scheduled works time lines. We offer a higher quality of product and installation but at a more competitive price than most other companies locally. Our choice of products is so vast and varied with so many categories being ordered to your exact specification we are able to effectively copy almost anything you may see anywhere and this means you won’t be limited in choice. The WORLD is our catalogue! You can find a photo on the Internet or in a magazine of any design style or concept and we can normally copy it with out extra cost. In many cases we can actually reduce (sometimes vastly) the cost of the original! With more than 25 years of interior design and home improvement industry experience Lee can can advise and can cleverly present even our low budget recommendations with no compromise in quality or appeal. 

We operate a very professional but relaxed approach to our Business especially in the sometimes nervous early stages. Once we have the outlining detail of your project plans we detail an accurate quotation. In most cases this will include various price variations depending specifications. This means for each project you should know the minimum and maximum potential cost allowing you more freedom in ‘educated choice’ Almost all of our quotations are clearly presented by email just days after enquiry. Many of our clients are not permanent residents in Spain and so the ‘Buying process’ may span several months or even years. This is something which we respect and actually works very well for us as well. We are happy to commit free time to you now even for a project which won’t start for some time. We offer a Free Design Service, including C.A.D. encompassing all areas of the Home and Business and this service along with all written quotations are completely Free of charge. We have a policy of No hidden charges and no 'Extras' Bills unless you request additional specification which is mutallyagreed.

If needed, other Professional services we can help you with to arrange include, comprehensive Project Schedule reports, Technical engineers, some Legal and Financial Advise and Architectural plans.. 

We take care of all aspects of the project and you can choose how much you want to be involved. The majority of our clients make all of their decisions and choose all aspects of the project prior to the start date. Once a deposit is paid, they leave it to us to complete everything within an agreed window of time. We always complete all works on schedule with out fail. We check everything, clean and prepare for your return if you are away. Along side all of the work we also organise and arrange any necessary 'rubber stamping', Building and other licenses from Local authorities. Our administration service including translations is done free off charge

If you are not around but want something done! We are happy to spend all of the time necessary with you so that you are comfortable with all of your decisions. However, on some occasions we have talked very briefly to our clients about their general likes and dislikes at a distance. We have then made suggestions for all aspects of the proposed project remotely (normally via emailed quotations and images) for their consideration and approval. We offer ‘either/or’ choices with price guides to identify everything. In all of these cases, the clients have been over whelmed by the end result and how well it met their needs and taste despite a very minimal time commitment from them. We have successfully completed major Home renovation projects for clients who we have never even met and whom didn’t see any aspect of the chosen materials prior to 100% completion.
Depending on your lifestyle, available time and preferred commitment, you can choose how much to be involved at any stage and we will still get things done on time to a standard above your expectations.

If you are looking for a company to help you to start a new project in your home or business, give us a call to advise you at an early stage with out further obligation.

We look forward to hearing from you soon

Lee and Rikke Boote

Quartet Home